Luminous Instant Coffee

$ 20.00

Instant Coffee Packets (Six)

Las Vegas' Luminous Coffee works to provide a sustainable platform for consumers to buy directly from coffee farmers and share in their stories and coffee.

Marta Isabel Villaquiran owns just half a hectare of farmland she calls El Mirador, where she grows just 2,000 Caturra coffee trees. After the coffee is picked ripe, it is depulped and fermented for 24 hours before being washed. then dried for approximately 15 days in parabolic driers leading to a sweet taste with lots of tart fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; very fruity with cola, red grape, lemon, lime and floral flavors.

About Luminous Coffee:

Hello Coffee People!

Our story is one of drive, sustainability, love, tenacity, and coffee of course! Although, we’ve had bumps along the way our love for coffee has made it all worth it. We are thrilled to have you along on the Luminous journey with us!

Our goal is to be transparent about our where our coffee is sourced, what we love about our coffee, the farmers and why we are dedicated to highlighting some of the best coffee you can experience through Luminous.

Our focus for Luminous is to create sustainable living for us and others with whom we work. In that same vein, we are committed to providing livable wages to Luminous farmers and the growers.

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