DIY Hedgehog Kit

$ 7.00

This little guy is the friendliest forest critter and he's ready to bring joy to someone you love! He's the perfect gift box for storing tiny treasures, or giving a gift! (Box opens at the bottom and is just the right size to fit a gift card.)

Box measures about 4.5" tall and 3.25" wide. 

About Paper Acorn:

Paper Acorn began as a creative outlet for artist Jessica Wolf. While learning the ins & outs of structural engineering at her full-time job in the package design industry, Wolf was inspired to create more than toothpaste cartons and dog food bags.

After hours, with ruler and X-acto knife in hand, she set to work creating something of her own. An intricate box crafted from scraps of paperboard formed the shape of a tiny forest treasure; a humble acorn. Excited about the possibilities, she continued to create in her free time and many other designs quickly followed.

After some promising successes, the pull to dedicate more time to growing her business called her out of a full time position and into the life of self-employment.

The naming of her business came naturally; noting her primary medium and harkening back to the little nut that sparked this journey, Paper Acorn began to sprout roots. 

Inspired by the endless possibilities of paper and the imaginations of her customers, Jessica continues to expand her line of products in the wedding & party, home décor, and DIY crafting industries.