NYC Photo Collage

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5” x 7” photo collages are original analog (film camera) images. Each piece is printed in a darkroom and hand dyed, with a digital copy used for collaging. The letters are from old store or street signs taken around NYC.

About Faune Yerby:

My art is mixed media photography, and collage . Using nineteenth-century photography techniques, and modern chemicals, I try to evoke the beauty of nature and a bygone time. All photographs are original prints, which have been toned and hand colored.I use recycled and sustainable materials when possible and all my pieces are handmade.

My work has been sold in Barneys NY, Anthropologie, Cog and Pearl, Tilde, Office,I dom and featured in Seventeen,House Beautiful, AM NY, Metro, Time Out NY.

All my work is informed by my surroundings. Each piece speaking of Beauty, Nature,Science and Architecture.

Being that I live right next to the Brooklyn Bridge and see the downtown skyline
everyday it is easy to study these great places in detail.