Cincinnati Button Set

$ 5.00

Courttney Cooper is widely recognized for drawing aerial views of Greater Cincinnati. He has been working in the Visionaries + Voices studio since early 2004.

This set of 1″ pinnable buttons feature details of Courttney Cooper drawings of his beloved city!

Courttney Cooper creates intensely detailed maps from his physical and psychological experiences in Cincinnati Ohio.  Using everyday materials of a bic pen and repurposed paper, Courttney methodically pieces fragments of his life experiences together.  His larger drawings typically begin with one sheet of paper to then grow by attaching new pieces as needed.  Buildings, streets, and conversations are all recorded from memory.  Courttney is always celebrating Oktoberfest in his life and work where you will find references to beer, balloons, pretzels, and German culture.  Each line is typically made by several pen marks that when standing back in its entirety, visually creates a wonderfully complex shimmer.  More importantly, Courttney’s work illustrates a sublime moment in time where viewers are able to briefly understand something as complex as a city.