Handmade Catnip Toy

$ 20.00

Ready for a catnip snack?  Styled after the iconic Pepperidge Farm® cheddar goldfish these smiling fish crackers will have kitty & you smiling too!  And these felt sardine catnip toys are perfect for hipster cats who are tired of the same old plastic balls and cheap mouse toys and make a great gift for crazy cat people.

Sewn of wool blend felt, these treats are filled with organic catnip & a touch of fiber fill.  Each goldfish measures about 3" x 2" while the sardines are 4.5" x 1.5" x .75".  Each set includes 3 toys.

These are handmade so the detailing may be slightly different than the ones in the photo but rest assured your toy will be just as fishy!  ​Handmade in Northern California.