NYC Dirt Earrings

$ 25.00

The perfect souvenir of your recent NYC trip. Perfect for homesick New Yorkers. Perfect for you. These earrings are made from genuine New York City street dirt- set in sterling silver. Completely handmade and totally waterproof- your dirt jewelry will not turn to mud!

About Sarustar:

SARU (monkey in Japanese) + STAR (my grandma Stella)= SARUSTAR,
a personal amalgamation of what my business/ life/ the act of making things is to me. It is the playful and sometimes haphazard way things come together to make life beautiful.

I first started creating dirt jewelry after completion of an extensive diamond setting class in midtown Manhattan. As I sat diamondlessly at my jewelers bench, I looked out my window for inspiration. Trying not to stare directly at the lady across the street doing dishes, I noticed the fluttering leaves of the potted ivy plant on my fire escape. I looked at the mound of dirt at its base and felt a little sorry for it. Why shouldn't dirt get a little time in the spotlight?