Seed Bombs and Wildflower Seed Balls

$ 10.00

Imagine your backyard filled with wildflowers, bees buzzing in and out, butterflies stopping by to enjoy the abundance of colors. Seedles make this possible. Seedles are rainbow bright balls of seed, compost and clay that practically grow themselves. All you have to do is throw them and grow them! Bring back the bees and grow the rainbow!

Available in a Wildflower Gift Pack and California Poppy Seedles.

The Wildflower Gift Pack contains 9 homemade wildflower seed balls, each containing a different wildflower that is native to the Southwest region.  It's a carefree gift for a lazy gardener. Just throw it and grow it.

California Poppies are a bumble bee's bouncy-house. Watch with delight as these fumbly bumbly bees dive bomb the poppies, do repeated somersaults and buzz off to the next one. These striking fluorescent orange flowers add a splash of vibrant color to your space while providing the perfect playground for honey bees and native bees to tank up on much needed pollen, the potent plant protein source they need to thrive.

These orange beauties are native to many of the states in the US and are particularly hardy once established. 

Each California Poppy Wildflower (Eschscholzia californica) seed ball contains 10-25 California Poppy seeds. We recommend planting them about one per square foot for a meadow look.