About Us

We're sure we're not the only ones: scrambling through the last few precious moments of a great vacation to find a little something to take home to someone we love. Or to the friend who fed the cat. We want something unique, something that really represents a city we have come to love, something stylish and fun. We rush in to the souvenir store only to settle for something generic—produced far away and destined for the back of a drawer.

It struck us as a little sad that so many souvenirs offer only the name of a city—and none of the story, none of the spirit.

Wouldn't it be great if our souvenirs were created in the same place our memories were?

SouveNEAR seeks out and showcases local artists who capture the vision of their cities. Partnering with these talents, we curate our favorite items and also commission new works that are designed and produced locally.

We hope our gifts—designed by local artists, made in communities across America—can bring a bit of homegrown magic back to souvenirs...turning that last-minute memento purchased in an airport or downtown gift shop into a treasure you love or delight in passing along as a gift.