A message to our customers and friends in the time of Covid-19

To our friends and followers,

We hope this finds you well!

It's such a difficult and scary time for so many - our hearts are especially with those who are sick or lost loved ones, but also with many others struggling with finances, isolation, changed plans, uncertainty.
Like so many other small creative businesses, we have lost our customers and revenue over the past months as normal life (and travel!) has come to a halt due to Covid-19. We don't know how we will all come out, but the most important thing is coming out healthy. So we thank you for staying home, travel-lovers! It's time to work together to make things better.

We’ve updated our site with more products so that we can keep our awesome SouveNEAR team busy and can also keep supporting local small businesses and artists by continuing to sell their goods during this time.
Whether you're discovering makers in cities where you've never been, supporting your hometown artists, or missing a city you love and visit, we invite you to join us here in continuing to support small businesses and artists. It's always important, but more so now, as craft shows are canceled, retail outlets are closed...and vending machines sit in empty airport halls! We're all making adjustments and trying to help each other to the other side.

In times like this we are struck by how much art helps. It keeps us creative, inspired, and educated. Art gets our attention, helps us express our grief and fear, comforts us, connects us, brings us joy and laughter, gives us a break or challenges us to dig deeper. We are grateful for color, stories, songs, images and design shared. We receive it all, create our own, and support each other's work. It makes a difference.
We're trying to do our part right now by continuing to sell items from small local businesses and artists so that they can keep doing what they do: CREATE! Because art makes the world a better place, now and always.
We miss you, travelers. Stay home and stay well! We hope to see you at our machines soon!

Tiffany, Suzanne, and Betsy